Emporium Creative. Establishd 2010.

We are your Front-end, Full-stack, iOS, UI/UX, and Branding firm.

When you need some extra power

We've been working with start-ups, mid level, and enterprise clients since 2010

We work closely with you and your team, from idea to finished product. Get in touch.

Development Services

Software Development

iOS apps(Objective-C, Swift), CoreBluetooth Hardware interaction, OSX Desktop Software

Web Development

Full-stack development, API Develpment, Php, SQL, Sencha, React, Native, Bootstrap

Cloud and scalability

Database optimization, DB backup, scalability architecture, AWS, EC2, Private Cloud

IT Services

Server Installation and Setup, Data Backup & Recovery, Remote Repair and IT Support

Our Work

Chronos Wearables

iOS App Development, Bluetooth, UI/UX design

Website: wearchronos.com

EDYN Connected Garden

Objective-C, Data Visualization

Website: edyn.com

Rain Local

Objective-C, RESTful API based iOS app

Website: rainlocal.com


Objective-C, Cocoa, OpenGL, UI/UX design

Website: keois.com